Paint Protection Film

We have talked about Ceramic Coatings for your vehicle and the benefits that it can provide, but what about Ceramic Coatings cousin Paint Protection Film? Paint Protection Film is a great way to protect your vehicle against scratches, chips, and dings as well as helping to keep your car looking shiny and new!

What Is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film is made out of urethane which has high impact resistance characteristics. The film utilizes a top layer of Elastomeric Polymers which induce self-healing properties because they easily return to their natural state after being dinged or scratched.  They also create a barrier between UV Rays and your vehicle offering paint protection for longer-lasting paint jobs and also added shine and gloss.

Paint Protection Film often goes by the name Clear Bra, Clear Mask and Invisible Shield to name a few. No matter the name you will receive great long-lasting results when applying either partial or full paint protection film to your vehicle. Many people often utilize PPF in high scratch areas such as bumpers and door areas. In fact, paint protection film offers many benefits when applied to any part of your vehicle.

Benefits Of Paint Protection Film

  • Chip protection
  • Scratch Protection
  • Etching From Bird Droppings, Bug Spatter, Acid Rain
  • Prevents Oxidization From Sun Exposure
  • Paint Protection Against UV Rays
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Resistance To Corrosive/Acidic Components

The Quality PPF Materials Matter!

Just like vinyl wraps the quality of the paint protection film materials used along with the installation will have a lot to do with the finished product. Should you use a sub-parr to lower quality paint protection film or opt for an inexperienced PPF installation company you are running the risk of the overall life and quality of your PPF. While cutting corners may seem as if it offers big savings your only going to be more frustrated in the long run, especially if you have to have your PPF removed and then installed again. Peeling, Yellowing, and Blistering are common when using poor installation services or low-quality materials.

Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Pro

Can paint protection film be utilized in conjunction with Ceramic Pro? You bet it can and in fact, it’s highly recommended. Why? Because Ceramic Pro and Clear Bra together offer the best paint protection for your vehicle available