5 Steps To Vinyl Wrap Perfection

Vinyl wraps are a great paint alternative for your personal vehicle as well as a great marketing tool for your business. However, in order to get the most out of your vinyl wrap as well as have a nice, clean finish as your end result you must adhere to the steps needed in order to ensure a great vinyl wrap experience. 

5 Steps To Vinyl Wrap Perfection

Graphic Design- Should you be choosing to add custom graphics to your vinyl wrap you have to remember that the DESIGN process is extremely important. Not only does the quality of the designs matter it is also important to remember that while the “drawing board” is flat your vehicle is not. A graphic vinyl wrap needs to be properly scaled to fit your vehicle with the curves, grooves, and other details that pertain to the surface of your vehicle.

Materials- We probably have said it before and we are going to say it again, the QUALITY of the materials used for your vinyl wrap is very important. High-quality materials are high quality for a reason, they last are more durable and present a better sleeker, cleaner look once your vehicle has the vinyl wrap applied. Taking the cheaper route often means that the quality of your vinyl wrap materials may be questionable. Make sure the vinyl wrap company you are using utilizes quality products like those of 3M, Avery Dennison or Oracal to name a few.

Preparation-Preparation is just as important as the installation process. Your car must be prepped correctly so that the vinyl wrap adheres to your vehicle with the best ability. Should you need rust removal or paint correction before the wrap is installed it is advised that you acquire the services of a trained professional. Most vinyl wrap companies won’t take on a vehicle that needs paint correction, dent or dust removal. If for some reason they do understand that the quality of their work probably can’t be trusted. Your vehicle needs to be washed thoroughly the day before the wrap is to be installed as well as dried completely. A special solution is then used to wipe down your car so that no impurities are left behind to hinder the application of the vinyl wrap.

Installation- Installation is the final step to be taken before you are able to see the finished product. While you may be inclined to grab a DIY vinyl wrap kit or look for the cheapest vinyl wrap company installing a vinyl wrap is no simple task. In fact, it takes countless hours to perfect vinyl wrap installation and the skills needed to do so. It is highly advised to not cut any corners when you are ready for your vinyl wrap installation. Find a vinyl wrap company that you feel comfortable with, that has good reviews and that has experience in the vinyl wrap industry. If you have followed the previous steps listed you will have high-quality materials and graphics a perfectly prepped car so don’t let the installation process stop you from having a perfect vinyl wrap.

After Care- Your vehicle is finally wrapped and you are ready to enjoy its glorious beauty. While vehicle vinyl wrap care usually follows the same care guidelines between companies the vinyl wrap company you choose to use will give you exact instructions on how to care for your vinyl wrap after the installation has been finished. It is important that you listen to their instructions and advice on how to care for the wrap they just installed. Knowledgeable and experienced vinyl wrap technicians know their product and what is the best way to maintain and care for it. If you follow their care guidelines and they offered a warranty with their wrap service will not only stay within the parameters of the warranty you will also be able to enjoy your wrap for many years to come!