All About Vinyl Wraps

DIY-vinyl-wrapVinyl wraps are a great paint alternative and also offer many more benefits that a traditional paint job does not. With versatility, and customization you are able to create a unique look for your car that showcases your individual style.

Want to know a little more about vehicle vinyl wraps?

They’re Cheap

Vinyl wraps cost around $3000-$5000 depending on your vehicle and the type of vinyl wrap you want. A great bargain considering that the cost of repainting your car can be anywhere from $3000 for your average paint job up to $10000+ for showroom quality paint. However, the cost depends on several factors including

  • Size of your car (Bigger car needs more wrapping hence more expensive)
  • Style of wrap (The fancier the wrap, the more expensive it will be)
  • Make and model of the vehicle (Some vehicles have wielded lines that are hard to wrap)

They Offer So Many Styles and Colors

vinyl-wrap-graphicsWraps can come in normal paint colors and styles, but they also come in gloss, chrome, matte, and other styles. While you can certainly have your car painted in these styles, costs will rise dramatically. As for colors, this is where wraps excel. Shiny gold and silver, camo, and even colors that fade across the whole body of the car. The various number of styles that wraps offer, especially for the price, is simply unbeatable. You can even have a wrap that is perfect for your business that is cheaper to wrap than to paint.

They’re Easily Replaceable

Another thing wraps excel at over paint jobs is that they are easy to take off. To remove a paint job you have to get a sander and spend hours if not days to scrape every corner of paint, whereas to get a wrap off you have to dig under it then just tear it off as you would tape on a Christmas present. This is perfect if you know you are going to sell the car in a couple of years and want to maximize its resale value. Another benefit is that the wrap protects the paint from the environment including UV rays, bird projectiles, and rain to name a few so that your paint will look brand new when you take your wrap off.


While you can certainly do this yourself, it is certainly not for the timid. If you mess up one panel, you have to recut the wrap and reapply it. So if your a beginner what seemed like a cheaper job can cost similar and look worse than trusting a professional with the job. But, if you are willing to put the work into learning and buy the necessary supplies then you can certainly do it.