Truck Protection-Vinyl Wraps & Other Alternatives

truck-vinyl-wrapYour vehicle is one of the most important possessions you own, and you certainly would do anything to protect it from any dangers that can damage it. From unexpected weather that comes in or you decide to go offloading for the weekend, you can make sure the exterior of your vehicle is protected. These options will help your vehicle’s paint last as long as possible.

Vinyl Wrap

vinyl-wrap-protectionThis option is very popular in the sports car culture as it gives you all the colors of paint and even more at a fraction of the price. It is just a wrapping that is put onto your car for not only cosmetic enhancement but also to protect your car’s paint and make it look like new.

Ceramic Coatings

These options are about the same price as vinyl wraps, depending on the thickness of the coating, and offer great protection against scratches and rain which can contain acids that erode your paint. This ceramic coating is basically adding a super thin layer of clear glass on the top of the car so it also has a cosmetic enhancement as every time you wash your car off it looks like you have a new showroom quality finish. Depending on the thickness the coating can last from 1 year up to a lifetime.

Bedliner spray

ultimate-truck-protectionAs its name implies it is normally used for bed liners, but can technically be used on all parts of the vehicle for a rough and rugged looking off-road machine. This is actually both cheap and easy to do as long as you take the necessary precautions. This spray improves the durability of the vulnerable metal, however, this spray is easy to scratch and peel off compared to ceramic coating. It also improves the grip for holding stuff in the bed of your truck and climbing up into your lifted dream.

No matter which coating or wrap you choose, you can trust that now your truck is protected from anything that can damage its paint. And you’ll be amazed at the new color and shine the new coating or wrap gives to your vehicle.

Benefits of Vehicle Vinyl Wraps


Although vinyl wraps have been around for awhile now they seem to be gaining more and more popularity as time goes on. Many vehicle owners and business owners are steering toward vinyl wraps for their cars, trucks and company fleets because of all the benefits related to them.  Wondering what exactly all the hype is about? Check out why vinyl wraps are great for everyone!

Benefits of Vinyl Wraps:

  • Cost Friendly- Vinyl wraps are indeed a lot more affordable and cost friendly than traditional paint jobs. In fact most vinyl wraps cost ⅓ to ½ the cost of a traditional paint job.
  • Removable- Vinyl wraps are 100% removable and do not harm your initial paint job that lays just beneath the wrap. Should you decide you know longer want the vinyl wrap you chose simply have it removed by an experienced professional and restore you car back to its factory or previous paint job
  • Protects Your Car & Resale Value- Because vinyl wraps act as a protective shield for your original paint job as well as protect against dents, dings and weather exposure, should you wish to sell your car your resale value will be a lot higher than if you allowed for normal wear and tear. So not only are you keeping the original paint job intact you are also protecting the body of your car as well!
  • Marketing/ROI- For those of you wrapping your company fleet or simply adding your company or business logo to your vehicle this is perhaps one of the best marketing techniques out there and that money can by.  In fact vehicle vinyl wraps are considered one of the best return on investments for your marketing dollar. You are also able to reach a multitude of potential customers and audience in various demographics
  • Down Time- Installing a vinyl wrap takes way LESS time than having a traditional paint job done.  This means you get your vehicle back faster and don’t have to worry about a lot of down time.

In general there are a multitude of benefits to having a vinyl wrap installed on your vehicle. Perhaps one of our favorites is that you are able to truly customize your vinyl wrap with color, graphics, texture and finish!  It is important however, to make sure that the person or business installing your vinyl wrap is experienced and used top quality materials and products. As always you get what you pay for and this has never been more true when it comes to a vinyl wrap!



Welcome to our site on vehicle vinyl wraps! We started this blog/site in hopes of spreading knowledge and awareness of just how GREAT vehicle vinyl wraps are. In fact they are indeed the “paint job” of the present and future. Not only do vinyl wraps offer proetction for your car, truck or comany fleet, they are also cost effective and a great marketing tool for your business or company. We hope that you enjoy our site and find quality information regarding all things pertaining to vehicle vinyl wraps!