How To Maintain Your Vehicle Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wraps are one easy and cheap way to transform your car into a true head turner. Being cheaper and more versatile than painting your car this is the main way to give the car your own personalized look that you can’t get from the factory. With vinyls being a coating layer over the paint rather than actual paint there are actually several things that you would normally wash or treat your car with that would absolutely destroy your expensive wrap. Be sure to follow these guidelines before you go and accidentally ruin your cars dream look.

Products to NEVER use:

  • Solvents such as acetone
  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaners
  • Engine degreaser
  • Brake cleaner

Hand Wash Your Vehicle

Using the high powered jets featured in self serve or drive through car washes can scratch or peel the vinyl that will make you curse your laziness for not cleaning your car the right way the first time. It’s okay to use a hose or pressure washer just make sure that the pressure is kept under 2000 psi. And while its ideal to wash your car after every drive, many of us need to drive our cars every day and don’t have the time for that much scrubbing or the money for all that car product. So washing your car weekly should be fine.

Use the right materials

Make sure to use vinyl wrap safe detergents to prevent any chemical degrading. Also when washing use microfiber towels to wash and dry off the vehicle. And finally as a final measure of protection its best not to use any aggressive scrubbing as this will cause the same wrinkling and peeling that a drive through car wash will cause.

Proper storage of your vehicle

Hopefully you are able to park your car under some shade or cover to prevent it from the suns UV rays, acid rain, or bird bombs. The sun, pollutants, and acidic rain are the easiest ways to degrade your vinyl wrap without you even realizing it. Now we all realize that cars are meant to be driven so manufactures make sure that your vinyl wrap will last even if you take little care of it. But it is still best practice to take maximum care of it for the best look.

While vinyl manufactures design their products for maximum durability and resistance to daily wear and tear its inevitable wether you drive your car once a month or everyday that it will be exposed to chemicals and items that seemed almost destined to destroy your fancy new vinyl wrap. But, as long as you follow the guidelines mentioned above your wrap will continue to stun people who look at it for a long time.