Vinyl Wrap Advertising

Just as you see in race cars, you too can wrap your companies vehicles in a giant advertisement for your business. And since you can customize the ad this may seem like a perfect opportunity over online and static billboard advertising. But before you invest in company vehicle wraps, learn about the pros and cons of it. 

Pros Of Vinyl Wrap Marketing

  • Mobile advertising can reach more people than a static billboard 
  • Wraps usually last 3-8 years depending on how you take care of it 
  • Advertisement covers the whole vehicle
  • Vehicle ads draw more attention than typical advertisement methods
  • The whole advertisement can be designed by you to display what you want
  • You can easily remove the wrap if you decide to sell any of your cars
  • The more often someone sees a sign the more often they are to remember it
  • Doesn’t require any optimization like online advertisements
  • Wrap doesn’t fall off with adverse weather conditions
  • Adds vehicle protection increasing the resell value


  • Cost. Depending on how eccentric the wrap is and how big the vehicle is costs will usually range from $1500 to $3000+. Certainly, a whole lot more expensive than magnetic signs
  • You need to take more care for your vehicle wrap otherwise your vehicle wrap will dull, scratch, and peel in a couple of years
  • Can’t be as targeted as online advertisements
  • No way to track the effectiveness of these vehicle wraps, unlike online advertisements
  • Not as effective if you don’t have a fleet of vehicles
  • There has been a recent online scam about getting your vehicle wrapped so make sure it is a trusted provider who will do quality work. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is
  • The vehicle is not exposed to people for a long time, so while they might notice it, they might not remember the company name or phone number

Vehicle wraps have been used by racing companies to display their ads for decades. Just recently, vehicle wraps have become more accessible and companies are starting to use it to advertise their own business on their own fleet of vehicles. You will be able to get your small business’s name out there without complicated analytics. However, realize that vehicle wraps are an upfront cost so before you can start seeing results you have to make the investment.